Over 2,000 Successful Dispute Resolutions, Conflict Coachings, and Mediations!!

Fortune 500, University, NCAA, Insurance, Foreclosure, EEOC Complaints, Employment, Discrimination,
Workers’ Compensation, Business, Diversity, Workplace, Immigration, Harassment, Banking, Private Sector,
Government, Union, State, Federal, International, Criminal, C
ivil, and County Court Actions


Mr. Harper has over twenty years of experience as a Professional Negotiator, Conflict Coach, Analyst and Mediator.  His experience provides a unique and valuable insight into the dispute resolution process which results in very successful mediations and negotiations.

Mr. Harper has served as an Elected Officer and on the Board of Directors for multiple Civic, Professional and Fraternal organizations, including serving as the elected President of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders, and published author.

In recognition of ongoing contributions to society and community leadership, Mr. Harper was presented with the Florida's Finest Certificate of Appreciation from Florida Governor Lawton Chiles; and Kentucky Governor Paul Patton Commissioned Mr. Harper a Kentucky Colonel.




Mr. Harper is registered with Dunn and Bradstreet, Martindale-Hubbell, the Florida Supreme Court, and is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.


Using a professional Mediator or Conflict Coach to resolve your disputes rather than relying on the Court system may not only save you time and money by resolving the problems before a Trial, but doing so allows you to remain in control of the problems and to have a voice in the outcome.

The choice should be simple... do you prefer to have a Professional Mediator, a skilled Negotiator, a concerned Problem Solver sitting at your table working with you to find a favorable outcome to your legal disputes rather than risk having a Judge and Jury take the decision away from you?

Anthony Harper is is a Professional Problem Solver, a Mediator, a Conflict Coach, he does not give legal advice.  Mr. Harper is unbiased, and neutral and does not serve as an Advocate, Attorney or Judge in your matter.  

Mr. Harper is confidential, ethical, skilled and experienced in Court-Appointed and private matters as a professional Mediator, Conflict Coach, and Consultant including claims in excess of Ten Million Dollars, involving multiple parties, multiple issues and claims.

Mr. Harper is a Certified Conflict Analyst by the United States Institute of Peace, Certified by The Supreme Court of Florida as a County Court Mediator, as well as receiving training and certificate from The Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal as an Appellate Mediator and by the Supreme Court of Florida as an Arbitrator, and has served as a Court-Appointed Mediator for the Twelfth Judicial Circuit as well as the Sarasota/Manatee County Worker's Compensation District.  Mr. Harper is also served as the Mediator of Contract from 2008 through 2012 for the University of South Florida for Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and other Departmental conflicts.

Clients include but are not limited to HSBC Holdings plc, Bank of America/EquiCredit, (formerly Barnett Bank), Associated Industries, University of South Florida, Coca-Cola/Tropicana, Yuengling Brewing, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, Florida Education Association, National Education Association, Florida State Firefighters' Association, Graduate Assistant's United, Council on American Islamic Relations, City of Tampa, City of Saint Petersburg, City of Sarasota, Southwest Florida Benevolent Association, International Union of Police Associations, Florida League of Cities, OptaComp, (a division of Blue Cross/Blue Shield), Employers Assurance Company, (formerly AmComp), Bridgefield Employers Insurance,  The Hartford, Summit Holdings, Midwest Employers Casualty, Chartis, (formerly AIG), Sedgwick Group plc.

Mr. Harper works directly with Corporate and University Presidents, Chancellors, Deans, Professors, Department Leaders, Attorneys, Judges, Clerks, Military, Graduate and Undergraduate Students, Employees, Staff, Transporation, Engineers, Governmental Liaisons, and multiple office and law firms throughout Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Texas, District of Columbia, and Massachusetts.

Mr. Harper's rates are competitive; weekend, national and international appointments are available.

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In addition to training and certification in Conflict Analysis and Management by the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C., in 2012, Mr. Harper has also received Appellate Mediator certificate and training from Florida's Fifth District Court of Appeal in Orlando, FL, in 2006, Arbitrator training and certificate from the Florida Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Center in Tallahassee, FL, 2002, and Mediation training and Certification by the Florida Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Center in Tallahassee, FL, 1999.

Associations and memberships have included but are not limited to: The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, The Workplace Fairness Institute, The Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium, The Harvard University Program on Negotiation, The American Bar Association Dispute Resolution SectionThe Florida Bar Workers' Compensation Section (Affiliate member), The Wisconsin Mediators Association, American Arbitration Association, The Council of European Business Mediation and ADR, The American Institute of Mediation, The CPR Institute, and Mr. Harper was a founding member of Mediators Without Borders, and is a member of the Wisconsin Association of Mediators.